Really two jackets in one. This practical, comfortable Reversible Jacket features raglan sleeves and mandarin collar. Can be worn open, or partially closed with decorative toggle closures -- so easy to open and close, you can do it with one hand. Wear over any simple shell or camisole.
Cotton/spandex fabric has a slight stretch. Easy to put on, even if you have limited mobility in your arms and shoulders. Easy to wear, with lots of ease built into the arms. Jacket features ease of fit , yet has the look of a classic, tailored jacket with slight narrowing at the waist. Fabric is wrinkle-resistant, so you can look fresh all day. Easily laundered in cool water at the casual or gentle setting, and can be hung to dry or put in the dryer at the coolest setting.
Solid black on one side, with small breast pocket on left side. Black-and-white abstract print on the other side, with contrasting black welt pockets, and contrasting black mandarin collar. Sleeves may be rolled up to create contrasting black cuffs. This jacket may be combined with the black, red or hot pink Fashion-ABILITY Sit 'n' Zip skirt, or black straight-leg pants. For a matching outfit, combine the jacket with the black-and-white Sit 'n' Zip skirt made in the same abstract print fabric as the jacket.
Size S/M fits a variety of body sizes, because of its roomy, but tailored, styling. It measures 52" below the arms, and 54" around the bottom.
It is 20" in length, about 4" below the waist, so it looks good while standing and is comfortable while sitting.

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