• Image of Black Sit 'n'Zip Skirt
  • Image of Black Sit 'n'Zip Skirt

Stylish, practical skirt has front pockets and trendy, easy-open, exposed zipper that opens from top to bottom along front. Black with matching black zipper.
Wheelchair users can open the skirt all the way with the separating zipper, sit on the open skirt, bring both sides to the front and zip up to the top. Can also be used as a pull-up skirt, or zipper can be lowered just enough to easily pull up the skirt, if the wearer does not need to open it all the way. Provides easy dressing for women who have disabilities,
Elasticized waistband provides comfort while standing or sitting.
Roomy and stylish front pockets have smaller patch pockets inside to hold cell phones, cash or cards.
May be combined with Black and White Reversible Jacket.
Fabric is 95% cotton/5% spandex, which gives a slight stretch and makes it wrinkle-resistant. Easy-care; launder in cold water on "casual setting" and line dry or put in dryer using coolest setting.

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